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Domestic Violence

Violence within a family has an obvious and immediate effect on family members’ senses of stability and security. When there is inter-family violence, the effects can be long-lasting. The first, most important step in domestic violence cases it to get abused individuals to safety. After that, Carol Minn Vacca can help clients who have been faced with domestic violence put in place legal protections to ensure the violence doesn’t happen again.

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Family Law

Family law issues generally evoke high emotions and stress. Both can affect your ability to make sound decisions that may affect your rights. The Law Office of Carol Minn Vacca promises to provide compassionate and determined legal representation that will help you and your family obtain the best possible results.

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Wills and Living Wills

Regardless of your age, your health or the size of your estate, no other document is more important than one that addresses your wishes after death. Executing a Last Will and Testament, or more commonly known as a “Will,” ensures that upon your death, your wishes are carried out by those you name and trust. Otherwise, the state of Georgia’s intestacy laws will determine the distribution of your estate and management of your affairs, including the appointment of a guardian for minor children.

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