Wills and Living Wills

Regardless of your age, your health or the size of your estate, no other document is more important than one that addresses your wishes after death. Executing a Last Will and Testament, or more commonly known as a “Will,” ensures that upon your death, your wishes are carried out by those you name and trust. Otherwise, the state of Georgia’s intestacy laws will determine the distribution of your estate and management of your affairs, including the appointment of a guardian for minor children.

The state of Georgia also allows you to name someone you trust, a health care agent, to make decisions about medical treatment options if you become unable to communicate those decisions yourself. This is called the Advance Directive for Health Care, or more commonly known as a “Living Will.” You may grant broad or specific authority to the health care agent who will ensure that your wishes are carried out as instructed.

The Law Office of Carol Minn Vacca can help you prepare a legally effective Will or Living Will to ensure that your intentions are honored by those chosen by you.

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